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Casa de Abelha

Aiming to help Generation Z rethink their consumption habits and improve the direct relationship between brands and consumers, Casa de Abelha is a product concept that promotes sustainability beauty packaging using seaweed as the main component of the packaging.

The idea came from analysing my own bathroom products and realising the insane amount of plastic bottles, mostly non-recycleable, in only one area of my flat. Notpla's sachets and Katya Mushkina's packaging concept served as inspiration for this practical element.

This concept design was part of my university dissertation "Plastic Awareness: Exploring the Evolution of Packaging Design in the Beauty Industry versus Generation Z".
Concept Design
Product Design
Packaging Design

Breakable body wash: each polygon can be broken by using the strength of the consumer's hands and then directly placed inside a soap.

Support for fingers: the centre of the honeycomb body soap is slightly deeper in order to facilitate the process of breaking them.

Bioplastic Packaging: the product is covered with a bio material combined with seaweed and plants (bioplastic), which avoids direct contact with external elements such as dust. The bioplastic is also responsible for holding each piece together and forming the honeycomb format.

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